Ansonya is a first-time author, transparent business leader, motivational speaker, International life and executive leadership coach and fun mentor/sister/girlfriend rolled into one. She has a passion for excellence and a unique intuitive ability to “sense” what is happening in the atmosphere and what is not being communicated. She became passionate about discovering and connecting hurting leaders to their destinies and speaking life into them to live their best life and empowers them to go out and search and live on purpose. Ansonya has always been a leadership Icon for women. She is a master of observation – there isn’t much that gets by her, unnoticed. Her trainings are structured in Excellence, has a theme that inspires the people and she is an incredible inspirational igniter. She is known as being the authentic women who Activates, Imparts and Releases (AIR). If you are ready to go through a transformational shift, it is time to work with her to uncover your unique brilliance and the power of your own Iconic Leader within!

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