No one is born possessed with all the useful knowledge in the world. You may overtime become smart and acquire a overabundance of knowledge but how good is that when you lack self-confidence. Today on your journey to become an iconic leader, I would like to give you in a little secret. Knowledge and self-confidence work hand in hand. Possessing either is as good as possessing neither. So how do you make them both work simultaneously?


  • Learning has no limit

Make it a habit, include this in your daily routine to listen, read, and discuss what anything new that you have learned. If you take a long commute, make use of podcasts and books. Create your own library, read what interests you but don’t stop there. Spread this newly acquired knowledge. Merely learning something doesn’t have any affect unless you apply what you have learned or spread something useful amongst others.

  • Each of you is born with a unique set of skills

Remember, you can make a difference in this world. Never feel let down by how less you know, you CAN change that! It all depends on how much passionate you are to prepare yourself for your true destiny. Be bold, walk towards this place with your head held high. Your life’s true purpose waits for you, utilize every resource you have to equip yourself with the knowledge to reach it. If you keep faith in knowing you were sent down with a purpose, the journey will be very easy for you to take. Go out, explore, and achieve your true purpose!

  • Identify your principles

Leaders, take it from a woman who got lost many times in her journey to become a leadership coach. I can tell you from my own experience how I couldn’t have achieved what I have today if I hadn’t identified my principles. It’s okay to be imperfect just as long you don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal: becoming an iconic leader.


The Motivational Guide to Inhaling Wisdom and Excellence.

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