Moving ahead might not always mean attaining a higher level, it may also mean you are going deeper. When God is sending you to a place where there is less oxygen, this path will be dark. This is where you need to let go and be entirely dependent on God to be able to breathe. He will guide you on how to survive this level. Take this challenge, put yourself in His Hands and see how you come out victorious.

Long Road ca. 1980s-1990s


  • A Fresh Perspective

In this breathless season, the changes will be all new to you: you will find new things, new talents within yourself, new gifts, and new people. A fresh perspective will make your path to becoming an iconic leaders less blurry.  What lies ahead is a new place, a fresh breath.

  • Tests are temporary

In high school, I couldn’t wait for the term to end. And it always ended right after a hectic schedule of exams! I never could marvel at the irony; how just before you achieve ultimate happiness, you have to be your most miserable. You will not always stay in the oxygen-less pit. As you come out of it, everything will look and feel different and that is perfectly normal.

  • Create your own destiny

Iconic leaders do not shy away from adversity. As I mentioned before, all they need to do in the beginning is to focus on what is most valuable to them. A little hiccup on the way is to be expected. Destiny requires that you feel this setback but remember, this is all part of your true purpose. You embracing change even though it might not feel right. It is all God’s will and He is there to guide you towards your true destiny.



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