In every step of your spiritual, professional and personal journey, you will face multiple detours. While each path will tempt you, there will be only ONE, which leads you towards HIS commands. You are skillful and possess the power of knowledge that has allowed you to become resourceful. This is the time to stop getting overwhelmed. Think, innovate, and be inspired. Do not stop thinking out of the box just because you feel it might be impossible.

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  • Focus on yourself

As a leader of the marketplace, a divorced mother, and a young entrepreneur I always found myself distracted by various tasks at hand. My life started to become quite cluttered until I had to take a break, reevaluate what I was doing wrong a start a fresh. It turned out, I was focusing less on myself and more on the issues at hand. What do you think is wrong in this approach? To become emotionally intelligent, it is vital to reach out your inner-self. This will eventually de-clutter and remove the ‘noise’ and let you focus on the actual concerns.

  • Self-awareness

Now that you have found the inner voice, try to pay a little more attention to what it is trying to tell you. Most leaders do not pay heed to the rising signs of distress and eventually never reach the status of iconic leaders. Iconic leaders comb through the clutter to find a coherent meaning to the problems they are facing. Do not be swept away from something that is far below what your stature demands!

  • Expand your awareness

Most leaders make the mistake of not allowing free dialogue among their people. Yes you are an iconic leader, and yes people may not always provide you with a solution similar to the one you were looking for. But remember, iconic leaders do not judge, nor they cultivate an environment where people are fearful to show their creativity.

Issues will get resolved! When you let yourself believe that you have no chance, you are allowing yourself to fall into the abyss of disappointment, and once you are in there, it might be very hard to recover. “There is a way out!” should become your motto. Disappointment and hopelessness and never actually achieved any good for anyone. The RIGHT path may not always present itself to you without hassle: you need to earn it.


The Motivational Guide to Inhaling Wisdom and Excellence.

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