What keeps you going? If you ponder over that question, you will realize that each of us are given a unique set of skills. No one is born without a skill set. Your purpose is to work continuously to excel in this skill presented to you as a gift.

For this very reason, it is always good to remember how leaders in a marketplace become “iconic leaders” by not only imparting knowledge but gaining too. Here are some methods listed that would help you transform from a leader to an iconic leader.


  • Leaders need a Goal too

Never forget that you are sent down with an objective. Even leadership in marketplace demands that! Your life has a goal, go and work towards achieving it. Reach for excellence! Strive to become a leader and do not stop there.

  • Leaders are always looking to expand their knowledge

The first step is easy: seek knowledge and never stop seeking it. Read books, venture into the world of the unknown. Satisfy your curiosity, remember there is no dearth of knowledge. All you have to do is motivate yourself enough to go and seek knowledge.

  • Never lose sight of the ultimate goal

Do not be overwhelmed with how you are going to begin this journey. Remember to achieve greatness, you would have to make some sacrifices too. And they will be rewarded. Everyone wants to win the Superbowl, but in order to do that you need to win the next game. People in sales would know what I am taking about. Everyone is obsessed with setting short term goals but they eventually forget the long term vision.



The Motivational Guide to Inhaling Wisdom and Excellence.

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