Everyone faces difficult times, but that is where your true test lies. No one faces tests that they are unable to solve. All you need is the right alignment: alignment in goals, alignment in priorities, and alignment of mind, body and soul. It is only after you know what exactly you need, and why you need it can come out victorious.

Read some of the ways I kept myself in check when I felt I was getting astray from my true purpose.


  • Where do I begin?

One of the fundamental issues that people face when dealing with multiple problems is they get confused as to where to begin. This is why alignment in priorities is crucial! Unless you know which one of your problems requires your foremost attention you may forever be lost in problems.

  • Alignment unites people

Remember you are never alone. Align your spirit body and mind with HIS purpose; trust HIM as your leader. You will feel vacillating and that is perfectly acceptable. Decision-making is not an easy process but it is not impossible. The key here is not allowing yourself to be sidetracked from THE way.

  • Learn to always inspire others

As a leader of the ministry, I consider it not only my duty but find a sense of exhilaration when I inspire others to move ahead or even move differently. Remember as an iconic leader, the task to breathe life into a vision is your calling. However to get there, you need to create an environment that lets people around you feel comfortable in not only following your orders but learning from your achievements.


The Motivational Guide to Inhaling Wisdom and Excellence.

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